Cold and Snow doesn't stop the Mustangs!

Latest NewsPosted by Lee Ralph Wed, February 08, 2012 11:58:44

This past Sunday saw freezing temperatures and Snow across most of the country, but at Mustangs field, it was mostly Rain, which luckily stopped in time for training. Another solid turnout of rookies, second teamers and first teamers had a good time getting completely covered in mud whilst completing a very full 3hrs of outdoor training.
Many of the newcomers are coming along nicely, and it was good to see some of the old boys back in action again.

this coming weekend will see our first open tryouts as a club where everyone of every level will be able to showcase their talent, and compete for spots on the NBL first team. This will give the coaching staf a great idea of what everyone needs to work on, and ensure that the whole team has goals to work towards throughout the season.

Please meet at Wide Lane at 1pm for tryouts!


Head Coach.

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