Mustangs show great promise

Latest NewsPosted by Lee Ralph Mon, January 09, 2012 08:05:38

This past Sunday (8th January) was the Mustangs 1st full squad training session.

There was a great turnout for so early in the year, and huge effort was put in by everyone.

The full spectrum of drill & skills were tested - from Base running, fitness, batting, pitching & catching work outs, Infield drills and last but not least - some special OF drills.

The players that turned out yesterday did extremely well - and if that was the start of the preseaon, I am really keen to see the season kick off.

Look forward to seeing you all down at the fields next sunday.

PS -Rest those sore arms and legs well this well - as the intensity will increase wekk on week.

Mustangs coaching.

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